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Classic Series Batteries
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Name Price range Average price Change Unit Date
SMM 1# Lead ingot
15050-15200 15125 0 CNY/ton 11-26
1# Lead ingot河南地区价
14950-15050 15000 0 CNY/ton 11-26
1# Lead ingot广东地区价
15000-15150 15075 0 CNY/ton 11-26
1# Lead ingot天津地区价
15000-15150 15075 0 CNY/ton 11-26

Guangdong Dynavolt New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (Abbreviation: dynavolt tech, stock code: 002684) was established in 2001. It is a high-tech listed enterprise in the field of new energy and energy saving technology, which mainly develops, produces and sells all kinds of batteries and battery applications.

The total number of lead-acid battery models is more than 700, including 6 series, covering the following fields: automobile, construction machinery, ship, motorcycle, communication, power, lighting, electric vehicle, photovoltaic energy storage, etc. Dynavolt features Lead-acid starter batteries for motorcycles and scooters.

Dynavolt is a leading company adopting nano colloid and high performance maintenance free series, and it meets the technical standards of SAE, DIN, JIS, national standard, IEC, etc. It is suitable for most motorcycles and automobile models in the world. Its products sell well in more than 100 countries in the world: Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, Australia, etc.

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